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New Hampshire Society of Radiologic Technologists exists to promote the profession of radiologic technologists, enhance quality patient care, participate in providing ongoing education accreditation and help to improve the welfare and socio-economic of radiologic technologists.

We are an instrument for our professionals to share ideas and interests, and to provide an opportunity for networking with colleagues. 
We are proud to uphold the fine reputation of our profession among our medical peers and our community. 
For a copy of the NHSRT Bylaws please go to the About Us Page 
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The NHSRT is actively seeking motivated individuals for Liaison roles throughout New Hampshire.  If you work in a hospital, imaging facility, private practice, or anywhere that imaging is available, we are looking for you! This would involve being up to date on upcoming events and important information in our field (which we would provide you with) and portraying that information to your imaging departments.  We want to make sure we are reaching as many people as possible in the Granite State, so having some additional hands/eyes/ears for this would be great!  If you are interested in becoming an NHSRT Liaison please click our "Contact us" Link above and send us a message!  We would love to hear from YOU!
Thank you for supporting the Imaging Professionals Licensure for New Hampshire!

All New Hampshire imaging professionals please see this link for information on licensure. If you click on "application forms" you can start your application process for licensure.

The following is a list of those who must obtain licensure from the Board of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy:

Limited x-ray machine operator” means a person who performs, under the supervision of a licensed practitioner, limited diagnostic radiography procedures of specific parts of human anatomy or bone density measurements using equipment that emits external ionizing radiation”;

Magnetic resonance technologist” means a person performs magnetic resonance procedures using magnetic fields and radio frequency signals”;

Nuclear medicine technologist” means a person performs a variety of nuclear medicine and molecular imaging procedures using sealed and unsealed radiation sources, ionizing and nonionizing radiation, and adjunctive medicine and therapeutic procedures using unsealed radioactive sources”;

Radiation therapist” means a person who is licensed under this chapter to administer ionizing radiation to human beings for therapeutic purposes”;

Radiographer” means a person performs a comprehensive set of diagnostic radiographic procedures using external ionizing radiation to produce radiographic, fluoroscopic, or digital images”;

Radiologist assistant” means a radiographer who has met additional qualifications to perform a variety of activities under the supervision of a radiologist in the areas of patient care, patient management, radiologic imaging, or interventional procedures guided by radiologic imaging”; 


Sonographer” means a person who performs a comprehensive set of diagnostic sonography procedures using ultrasound to create medical images.”

Contact info for the board:
Board of Medical Imaging and Radiation Therapy
121 South Fruit Street, Suite 303
Concord, NH 03301
(603) 271-8389
(603) 271-6702 (fax)
Licensure Updates!
Licensure Updates!
NHTI is now offering a CT Certificate Program.  Check out NHTI's website for more information.